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Porcelain Crowns

What are porcelain crowns?

All porcelain crowns are shells of ceramic, which are either bonded or cemented to your natural teeth. Currently the brands we use in our office are Empress and Procera. They are an ideal choice for improving the appearance of your teeth and give you a bright and natural smile since they have no metal under the porcelain. They have become increasingly popular over the past 10 years, and thousands have been placed to strengthen broken down teeth, mask discoloration, brighten teeth, and to improve a smile.

How are they different from other crowns?

Traditional crowns have a shell of ceramic that is fused to a high noble metal (usually gold). The result is generally a “flat” look with a gray tone underneath the porcelain. Often after the traditional crowns are placed, the metal edge around the gum line becomes visible, resulting in a dark appearance of the tooth and gums. The all porcelain crowns have no metal so that you get a more translucent, natural look and no metal edges. They can also match the color of your natural teeth more effectively than traditional crowns. The life expectancy for both types of crowns is generally five to twenty years depending on the health of the tooth, and the patient’s home care. Patients with periodontal disease or whose teeth are severely broken down are not ideal candidates for all porcelain crowns and may need crowns with additional metal support. Some teeth that have had root canal treatment may also need traditional crowns.

Smile Planning:

It’s critical that you take an active role in the smile design and spend time in the decision making and planning of your smile. While all porcelain crowns are a wonderful way to enhance your smile, it is important to have realistic expectations. If several teeth are involved, we may want to have a consultation in order for you to feel comfortable with the final appearance. The consultation includes an evaluation of the present conditions, a visual examination and sometimes x-rays and models. We then take before photographs and use wax on the models to give you an idea of what the final restorations will look like.

Preparation of teeth:

This appointment will take from one to three hours depending on how many teeth are involved. Dr. Sayeg will remove any old restorations and shape the remaining teeth to fit under the crowns.