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Concept restorations are made from a non-metal ceramic optimized fiber-reinforced polymer. Put more simply, this is a laboratory produced restoration, with increased strength and durability, as well as improved esthetics and wear properties.

So what are the advantages? Unlike Mercury (amalgam) fillings which expand and exert damaging forces to the remaining tooth structure, and unlike composite fillings which when placed in larger cavities experience shrinkage that cause it to fail, Concepts do not undergo expansion or contraction. Also, because they are produced by the laboratory, you can be assured of a more accurate fit and greatly enhanced cosmetics.

Why not place a crown? Though crowns are necessary in certain situations, it has been proven that preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible is ideal. Thus in appropriate situations, a Concept is always more desirable than a crown.

What is the process like? Since Concepts are amongst the most tooth preserving treatments, the first appointment is less time consuming than preparing for a crown. Next the fit is confirmed and the Concept cemented.

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